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About ABC


The origin

Asian Borrel Club (ABC) started as an idea of Daniel Li, founder and first President of the student association ABC. On his vacation in summer 2020 in Albufeira, he was questioning why there weren’t any parties in Amsterdam for students. He stated there was no real student association in Amsterdam for them, which made the student life for him somewhat underwhelming. So, with that feeling lingering around for some time he decided that it was time for change – a change that would ultimately benefit all the students in and around Amsterdam.


Group 42.png

Embodiment of Dutch
Asian Gezelligheid

ABC, as a non-profit student association, envisions becoming the embodiment of Dutch Asian “gezelligheid” by creating memorable experiences for everyone. We radiate a certain coziness (gezelligheid) when we are together at our activities – activities where it is important that our participants feel welcomed and comfortable and, with that, can experience memorable moments and friendships.


Set up an open and cozy association

ABC strives to set up an open and cozy association where students and young professionals - from or around Amsterdam - have the opportunity to meet each other and can enjoy the Dutch Asian “gezelligheid”. This student association has to remain friendly, light hearted and welcoming, while it reaches new heights. To that end, the organizational structure and -approaches are set profesionally and all the active members have to find a balance where performs its duties and remain involved with the general members.


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Friendly and welcoming 

Here at ABC, an open and friendly and welcoming atmosphere is the norm at all times. We also expect everyone to be respectful towards each other regardless of their background, this will make communication with one another more approachable and fun. At last, it is very important to realize that we are a student association. Everyone that participates in the events is there to have a good time and to make memorable memories. We want everyone to have a chance to experience this, so we do not tolerate and/or encourage bullying.



– Official start ABC

(First ABC post on insta) 


03/12/ 2020

– First event (online)

30 seconds & chill


ABC was founded by notarial deed and officially registered in the Chamber of Commerce.


1st physical event: Extreme Sunday

ABC Merch 1 launched

“Limited Edition Hoodie” to celebrate the first anniversary 



Release Membership (membership system)

First ABC Trip to Barcelona

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