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Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs committee is in charge of planning events within the ABC group (committee members, board members and alumni). 

This committee organises various bonding activities for current and past active members, such as bonding days between committees, Actives Weekend and alumni borrels.



How did you hear about us? Was it at one of our presentation stalls or perhaps at our first borrel of the year? Those were all brought to you by our Introduction committee!

Responsible for introducing ABC to new people and making them feel welcome, they actively organise social events for new general members. These events are a great opportunity to connect with new and old members!


The Merch Committee is responsible for the creation and sale of ABC branded products, from designing clothes and goodies.

To ensure the best experience, they perform quality checks on products and offer the best customer support!


Social events

The Social Events Committee organises the amazing activities ABC is known for such as courses, workshops and other fun events. To name only a few events, some of which you might have attended yourself, are our mooncake and cocktail workshops as well as the food crawl and dating event. 

This committee is responsible for giving our members the opportunity to get to know each other in a different setting while providing them with an original experience.


Do you like to party? Then watch out for our Party Committee! All year round, they will be all about throwing the best parties. From Halloween to Neon all the way to Chinese New Year, you will not want to miss out!

These parties are a great opportunity for our members to let loose and dance the night away. In addition, these parties will allow for our members to meet a lot of new people in a short amount of time. From choosing the theme to club location, it’s all up to our Party Committee!


The Gaming committee is responsible for managing and organising events through the ABC Gaming branch. Their tasks focus on organising online gaming tournaments on popular competitive games such as Valorant and League of Legends.



Using their programming skills to maintain and improve the ABC website, using existing and new web technology to convey information in an efficient way on the digital platform,  there’s nothing our IT committee can’t do! 

ABC started out as a fully online community on Discord, the IT committee therefore also moderates the ABC Discord Server.


The Sports committee organises a variety of sport events for all the ABC members. This can be tournaments or other sport events (usually with a prize!). 

We strive to keep all our members fit and healthy which is why we offer a wide array of activities from badminton to volleyball, you will surely find the event for you!



Do you love to travel? Make it better and travel with the ABC family!

The Trip committee is responsible for organising the yearly ABC trip abroad. They are in charge of choosing the destination and putting together the whole trip schedule and activities. Their goal is to help you make beautiful memories and have the best travel experience with fellow ABC members.


ABC’s Marketing committee is one of the bigger committees within ABC. Their goal is to maintain our online presence as well as promote our events to a wide audience through various methods such as marketing campaigns.

Because marketing requires a broad array of skills, the marketing committee is divided into three sub-teams: Photo/Video, Graphic design and Social Media. Those three teams collaborate as one to ensure the best results in the promotion of ABC.


External Affairs

Always on the lookout for new partnerships and amazing deals to offer to our general members is the External Affairs committee!

Full of persuasive negotiators, this committee is in charge of approaching businesses and concluding new partnerships. From forming initial contact, to negotiating our partnership agreement, not forgetting all communication between ABC and the partner, leave it to our External Affairs committee!

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