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Ochama is an omnichannel retailer, a one-stop shop offering the highest quality of goods, where visits are possible whenever and wherever you like. There are more than 60 Ochama Pick-up Points, so check out whether there is one near you. Would you rather stay home? No problem, Ochama also offers fast delivery.

"Go Everything, Go Ochama", their significant brand slogan, alerts you - the customer - that it will become the new go-to store for both foods and non-food goods. See for yourself and you will be guaranteed a fun and easy shopping experience.




0800 8600 005


Your ABC Deal!

Register your account with our exclusive ABC member code and receive 4x 10% discount vouchers on the 10th of every month!

Not a member yet?

ABC Discount Policy

  • Please keep in mind that ALL your companions have to show the membership card in order for your group to enjoy the benefits. e.g. four of the five people have an ABC membership card but one person is not an ABC member or forgot to bring his/her ABC membership card. In this case, the Partner can decline the discount.

  • You have to show your physical membership card BEFORE ordering.

  • Double discount or promotional deals will not be given.

  • Your name has to be on the membership card to be valid.

  • Not valid on public holidays unless otherwise noted at our website.

  • ABC uses the defined public holidays by the Dutch government.

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