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IT Committee

Asian Borrel Club - Committee Recruitment 2023/2024

IT Committee

Are you tech-savvy and passionate about creating seamless online experiences? As a member of ABC's IT Committee, you'll play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing our website, making a lasting impact on our association's online presence.

Main responsibilities

    - Website Maintenance: Ensure our website is up to date, functioning smoothly, and free of technical issues. Your attention to detail and technical expertise will keep our online platform running seamlessly.

    - Design and Implement Pages: Put your creative skills to work by designing and implementing additional pages for our website. You'll have the opportunity to create engaging layouts that align with ABC's branding and effectively communicate information to our visitors.

    - Timely Updates: Keep our website relevant and current by updating content to reflect the latest events and initiatives.

Desired skills & Qualities

    As a member of ABC's IT Committee, we are seeking individuals who possess a genuine passion for the association. In addition to, the committee is preferably looking for members who possess the following skills and qualities:

    - Adaptability: Flexibility to adapt to evolving priorities, technologies, and project requirements.

    - Time Management: Effective organization and prioritization skills to meet deadlines and manage multiple tasks efficiently.

    - UX/UI Design: Knowledge of user experience (UX) principles and the ability to create web designs that align with ABC's branding and enhance the user experience.

    - English Language Proficiency: Strong command of English as the main communication language within the committee.

    - Web Technologies: Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and web development frameworks (such as Wix or WordPress) to support website maintenance and updates.

    - Project Management Tools: Willingness to utilize tools like Trello to keep track of tasks and project progress (it's easy to learn!).

    - Basic Programming: Proficiency in at least one programming language (such as Python, Java, or JavaScript) to understand and modify code as needed.

    Remember, programming skills are not mandatory to join the IT Committee. We value creative ideas that can improve the overall user experience and contribute to our website's success.
    Join ABC's IT Committee and embark on a rewarding journey where technology, creativity, and teamwork converge. Together, we'll elevate our digital presence and create an engaging online environment for our association and its members.


“I have absolutely enjoyed my time in the IT committee. I can proudly say that we have done a great job, and I am happy to have contributed meaningfully to the association. The bonds I formed with my teammates were amazing and truly the cherry on top!”

- Jonathan IT Committee 22/23

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