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Internal Committee

Asian Borrel Club - Committee Recruitment 2023/2024

Internal Committee

As a member of ABC's Internal Events Committee, you will play a pivotal role in creating memorable experiences for our active members. Your primary responsibility is to plan and execute a diverse range of engaging and interactive events that foster a strong sense of community and promote networking and collaboration. By organizing these events, you will contribute to the overall well-being and satisfaction of our active members.

Main responsibilities

    - Event Planning: Conceptualize, plan, and organize a diverse range of events that cater to the interests and needs of ABC's Active Members. This includes brainstorming event ideas, selecting suitable venues, determining event formats, and creating event timelines.

    - Event Coordination: Act as the main point of contact for event logistics, including coordinating with external vendors, managing event budgets and ensuring smooth execution of all event-related tasks.

    - Member Engagement: Foster a sense of inclusivity and engagement among ABC's Active Members by actively seeking their feedback and incorporating their ideas into event planning.

    - Promotion and Communication: Promote ABC Internal events through various channels, such as WhatsApp group announcements, ensure clear and timely communication of event details, registration processes, and any updates or changes related to the events.

    - Evaluation and Feedback: Collect and assess event outcomes, identify areas for improvement, and make recommendations to enhance member experience and satisfaction.

Desired skills & Qualities

    As a member of ABC's Internal Committee, we are seeking individuals who possess a genuine passion for the association. In addition to, the committee is preferably looking for members who possess the following skills and qualities:
    - Effective communication skills: You should be able to convey ideas clearly and interact with members and event stakeholders in a professional manner.

    - Organizational skills: The ability to plan and coordinate multiple aspects of events, including logistics, resources, and timelines, is essential for successful event execution.

    - Flexibility: Events often require adaptability and the ability to handle unexpected changes or challenges that may arise. Being flexible and open to adjustments is crucial.

    - Teamwork: Collaboration is vital in event planning. Being able to work well in a team environment, contribute ideas, and cooperate with others is essential for a smooth and successful event.

    - Attention to detail: Events involve numerous details that need careful consideration. Having a keen eye for detail ensures that nothing is overlooked and that events run smoothly.

    - Prior experience in event planning (preferred): While not mandatory, having experience in event planning can be beneficial. It demonstrates your familiarity with event logistics and helps streamline the planning process.

    Please note that while possessing these skills and qualities is preferable, we also welcome individuals who are eager to learn and develop these skills through their involvement in the Internal Events Committee.


"It’s been a crazy year with ABC. As a member of Internal Committee, I’ve made memories and friends that I’ll keep for life, and have gained so much experience that I’ll use later on. Joining ABC gave me a family of people like me and a stepping stone to further myself that I will always be grateful for."

- Samantha Internal Committee 22/23

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