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External affairs Committee

Asian Borrel Club - Committee Recruitment 2023/2024

External affairs Committee

Are you a natural networker with a passion for forging meaningful partnerships? ABC is seeking enthusiastic individuals like you to join our dynamic External Affairs Committee. As a committee member, you'll have the exciting responsibility of building strong relationships with restaurants and businesses that align with ABC's values and goals. From the first contact to the final handshake, you'll play a pivotal role in expanding ABC's network and creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

Main responsibilities

    - Partner Recruitment: Take the lead in identifying and recruiting new partners who share ABC's vision. Your ability to identify suitable restaurants and businesses will be essential in expanding our network.

    - Relationship Management: Nurturing strong and lasting relationships with ABC's partners will be a key aspect of your role. You'll be responsible for contacting and maintaining these relationships, ensuring mutual growth and success.

    - Guiding Partnership Processes: Serve as a knowledgeable guide in the partnership process, providing support and guidance to potential partners. Your expertise will help facilitate smooth negotiations and ensure mutually beneficial agreements.

Desired skills & Qualities

    As a member of ABC's External affairs Committee, we are seeking individuals who possess a genuine passion for the association. In addition to, the committee is preferably looking for members who possess the following skills and qualities:

    - Excellent Communication: Your talkative nature and ability to articulate ideas clearly and confidently will be key in building successful partnerships.
    Business-Oriented Mindset: Demonstrating a strong business acumen and understanding of organizational goals will be crucial in identifying suitable partners and negotiating favorable agreements.

    - Strong Negotiation Skills: Your ability to negotiate effectively and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes will contribute to the success of ABC's partnership initiatives.

    - Results-Driven: Your determination and focus on achieving results will ensure the successful recruitment and management of partners, helping ABC thrive.

    Join ABC's External Affairs Committee and unlock your networking potential. By building strategic partnerships, you'll contribute to the growth and success of ABC while developing valuable skills that will benefit you both personally and professionally.


"This year has been a fantastic mix of learning and fun since I joined ABC. As a member of the external affairs committee, I've gained valuable insights into forming partnerships and professional communication. The support from my committee members has been invaluable. Bonding activities and ABC events have also made me feel closer to the amazing people in the organization. Joining ABC has been an incredible experience, and I encourage others to join and help us grow even further."

- Vanessa External Affairs Committee 22/23

External affairs Committee





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External affairs

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