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Party Committee

Asian Borrel Club - Committee Recruitment 2023/2024

Party Committee

The Party Committee is dedicated to organizing unforgettable and lively parties, which are the highlight events of the year. Examples of these parties include the Lunar New Year Gala, Black & White Party, and our popular Halloween Party. These events provide our members with the opportunity to let loose, dance, and have an incredible night. If you have a passion for partying and know how to host a great event, this committee is the perfect fit for you!

Main responsibilities

    - Visualise and plan the decoration: Find fitting decoration according to the theme, and create a decoration concept according to the floor plan of the location.

    - Brainstorm themes: Come up with the most creative and fun party themes.

    - Host and realise the parties: Help out at parties and host the ones that you are responsible for.

Desired skills & Qualities

    - You live in Amsterdam: if not you are willing to travel regularly to Amsterdam

    - Extraverted and socially active: Enjoy being around people and possess excellent social skills.

    - Expert in partying and going out: Have a good understanding of what makes a party enjoyable and exciting.

    - Creative and original: Bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table when brainstorming party themes and decorations.

    - Structured and organized: Possess the ability to plan and execute tasks efficiently.

    - Team player: Work effectively as part of a team, collaborating with other committee members to ensure successful parties.


"Being an events active member was not only very fun, I also learned and developed a lot of skills such as my social and organizational skills which I can use in the work field later and I met a lot of amazing people. the work load was far less than I thought it was going to be which meant I had time to also work on school and have a personal life outside of it all!"

- Huong Party Committee 22/23

Party Committee





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