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Asian Borrel Club - Board recruitment 2024/2025



    - Being the associations spokesperson and main person in charge.

    - Guiding and helping other board members with their tasks.

    - Preserving ABC’s goals, rules and identity.

    - Keeping the association a pleasant & safe place.

    - Assist in creating the annual reports.

    - Organising board meetings & GMA’s.

The President of ABC serves as the organisation's public face and is ultimately responsible for all actions taken by Board. This person ensures the organisation's vision, mission, and goals are upheld and maintains positive relationships with members and external parties. The President prepares Board meeting’s and GMA’s agendas and ensures that they are run smoothly. Together with the Board, the President determines the association's strategy and prepares the necessary documents, such as policy plans and annual reports. The President is also responsible for resolving conflicts that arise within the association and maintains close contact with the Supervisory Board to raise issues that the Board cannot resolve. Finally, the President supports the other Board members with their tasks and creates a pleasant environment for them to work in.

My Experience

Serving as the Chairman has been a truly enriching journey. A journey filled with amazing experiences, new friendships and wherein I enhanced many skills to build upon in my career.

Throughout the year, ABC has encountered diverse challenges. However, with the unity of my beloved Board members, we have overcome these obstacles and led ABC forward.

While ABC continues to grow, I believe that the collective efforts and commitment will bring the organisation to its fullest potential.

Board Positions

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Asian Borrel Club

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KVK: 816602000


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