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Asian Borrel Club - Board recruitment 2024/2025

Head of Events


    - Organising events and activities.

    - Creating opportunities for students to have fun and create new bonds.

    - Brainstorming new concepts and event ideas.

    - Negotiating with venues and other organisations

    - Leading the Party and Social Events Committees.

The head of events is responsible for overseeing two committees: Social Events and Party. One of the main tasks is figuring out how to carry out an event concept and to map out the necessary steps and tasks. Moreover, the head of events is responsible for setting deadlines and making sure tasks are done on time. They are essentially the bridge between the board and the event committee members. In addition, as a board member, it is important to keep the focus on making it as fun as possible for your committee members. This means taking care of the big tasks yourself in order to keep the workload lighter for your members. For this position it’s important to plan efficiently and on time.

My Experience

Being the Head of Events this year has been an incredible experience. I have met amazing new friends and improved many skills that are useful for my career later, like leadership and communication skills.

At the beginning of the year, everything was still new to me and a bit stressful. I really had to find a balance between my master at UvA and ABC, which I found quite challenging. Now, I think I've found this balance, but it's still not perfect. However, for ABC and myself, I am willing to put in the work, because ABC means a lot to me.

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