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Asian Borrel Club - Board recruitment 2024/2025



    - Taking minutes at board meetings and interviews.

    - Ensuring proper storage of documentation and user-friendliness of the ABC google drive.

    - Managing incoming and outgoing emails.

    - Managing ABC’s Inventory.

    - Scheduling Interviews and keeping contact with committee applicants.

    - Assisting in creating the annual reports.

    - Assisting with organising GMA’s.

The secretary has an important role in the association with a wide range of responsibilities to uphold. These include organising incoming and outgoing documents, emails, and ABC's inventory in a way that is easily accessible for anyone wishing to consult the archive. Additionally, the secretary takes down minutes at all board meetings, schedules interviews with committee applicants, contacts those applicants to arrange interviews, and takes minutes during the interviews. Lastly, the secretary also assists the president in organising the GMA’s and creating the annual report. In short, the secretary plays a critical role in the administrative and organisational functioning of the association.

My Experience

Serving in this role has provided me with a unique opportunity to contribute to fostering a sense of belonging within the diverse Asian community in The Netherlands.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my position has been witnessing the vibrant tapestry of cultures within our association.
We have created a space where students with Asian backgrounds can celebrate their heritage, share their experiences, and forge meaningful connections.

As the Secretary, I have played a crucial role in ensuring that information flows seamlessly within the association. From drafting newsletters and meeting minutes to coordinating with my fellow board members, my responsibilities have allowed me to cultivate effective communication channels and promotion. My organizational skills have been able to thrive in this position, and I have enjoyed overseeing the association.

Board Positions

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