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Asian Borrel Club - Board recruitment 2024/2025

Head of Marketing


    - Setting up marketing campaigns and strategies for association’s events

    -Increasing brand awareness of the association

    -Ensuring social media channels reflect the brand values of the association

    -Supervising and delegating tasks to the Marketing committee

    -Creating and maintaining the corporate identity of ABC

The head of Marketing is responsible for ensuring the corporate identity of Asian Borrel Club fits our mission statement and brand values while simultaneously ensuring the growth in brand awareness of the association through (social) media channels. The head of Marketing is also responsible for checking the quality of all ABC marketing materials before releasing them on our (social) media channels. Lastly, they are responsible for three subdivision teams: Photography, Design and Social Media to work together as one union. In short, as head of Marketing they have the power to decide how the association is perceived by the audience.

My Experience

My experience as the Head of Marketing has been incredibly rewarding. Initially, my drive to assume this role stemmed from a desire to transition from working independently as a creative to collaborating with a team of fellow creatives.

This shift brought about numerous learning opportunities.
Juggling multiple campaigns concurrently taught me invaluable skills in time management and prioritisation.

Moreover, guiding the team from conceptualization to final deliverables honed my ability to lead and nurture talent.

Board Positions

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