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Trip Committee

Asian Borrel Club - Committee Recruitment 2023/2024

Trip Committee

Are you ready to turn wanderlust into reality? ABC is searching for enthusiastic individuals like you to join our prestigious Trip Committee and be part of crafting the ultimate annual ABC Trip. As a committee member, you'll have the incredible opportunity to organize flights, accommodations, activities, and serve as a guide during the trip. Plus, you'll work closely with various third parties, building and nurturing valuable relationships.

Main responsibilities

    - Negotiating with third parties: Show off your persuasive prowess as you negotiate with third parties, ensuring the best deals and experiences for our trip participants.

    - Crafting Memories: Create a well-balanced itinerary, filled with thrilling group activities and leisurely free time, guaranteeing an adventure that caters to all tastes.

    - Guiding the Way: Be the friendly face and knowledgeable guide during the trip, ensuring everything runs smoothly and everyone has a fantastic time.

    - Words that Inspire: Channel your creativity as you write a comprehensive trip guide, providing participants with essential information about the annual destination and maximizing their enjoyment.

Desired skills & Qualities

    As a member of ABC's Trip Committee, we are seeking individuals who possess a genuine passion for the association. In addition to, the committee is preferably looking for members who possess the following skills and qualities:

    - Negotiation skills

    - Organising and planning skills

    - Leadership and guide skills (during the trip)

    - Social skills (contribute to group cohesion during the trip)

    - Proactive attitude and critical thinking

    - Radiant energy and highly motivated/ambitious

    While these skills are desirable, we warmly welcome individuals who are eager to learn and grow with us!
    Join the ABC Trip Committee and embark on a thrilling adventure that will leave a lasting impact. Apply now, and together, let's create unforgettable memories and explore the world like never before!


“Being part of ABC’s Trip Committee has been a year full of valuable learning and fun. A year of developing my skills, learning new ones, meeting new people, and discovering a new country. Organizing and attending such a trip, with enough time to work and study, is a rare opportunity, which I highly recommend!”

- Jorine Trip Committee 22/23

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