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Asian Borrel Club - Board recruitment 2024/2025

Head of IT


    - Ensuring the website remains current with the latest information on events and partners.

    - Designing and implementing an intuitive and seamless user journey.

    - Supervising and delegating tasks to the IT committee.

    - Overseeing the maintenance of the Discord channel to facilitate communication and information sharing among members of the association.

    - Exploring and implementing new ways to improve the internal use of the website, to optimise productivity and streamline operations within the association.

The Head of IT is the technical backbone of the association, responsible for ensuring seamless operation of the technical infrastructure. They will lead a team of 3-5 committee members, providing visionary guidance and serving as a project manager to oversee the development and implementation of new features on the website. Their primary responsibility is to maintain the website and to ensure that it remains current with the latest information on events and partners.

My Experience

During my time as the Head of IT at the Asian Borrel Club, I learned a lot that has helped me grow. I figured out how to manage my time better and understand what's really important. I learned that it's okay not to say yes to everything.

The best part was meeting so many people. This experience showed me the value of connecting with others and how it can change your perspective and approach to work and life. I also learned to handle challenges better and not to get overwhelmed easily.

Board Positions

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