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Asian Borrel Club - Board recruitment 2024/2025

Head of Introduction


    - Is committed to making new members and aspiring members feel at home.

    - Is responsible for the borrels at ABC.

    - Takes care of the details during the introduction weeks and represents ABC at the intro markets.

    - Organises the formation of Intro Groups.

As Head of Introduction, your main responsibility is to welcome new members and make them feel at home within the community. This involves taking care of the details during introduction and organising the formation of Intro Groups. In addition to this, you will be responsible for making ABC known at Amsterdam institutions and representing the organisation at intro markets. This involves promoting ABC to potential members and raising awareness of the community's events and activities. You will also be responsible for organising Borrels at ABC, ensuring that members have ample opportunities to socialise and connect with one another.

My Experience

As Head of Introduction, I'm in charge of the "B" of ABC, and with the help of my team we're able to create ABC's borrels. I also function as the Head of Internal, where me and my team are responsible for all of the Active Member bondings. Because of these, l've become a more open person, and have amassed many skills I'll use later in my professional career.

I'm so grateful to be a part of this year's board. The year has given me so many great experiences and friends that I'll remember for life.

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Asian Borrel Club

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